How does the process work?

My life has been ordinary.  So why do I need a jewishlifestory?

Why hire jewishlifestory to record and write my life story?

Do I have to travel to get to the interviews?

How does the process work?

We fully prepare you for the interview process, in a pre-interview consultation and with a template of questions (shaped to you) for each interview.  Typically, each of the 6 interview session lasts 90 minutes, with breaks as needed.  Between or after the interview sessions, we spend 3 hours interviewing members of the family and friends.  The interviews are audio recorded — and video recorded per your choice.  Depending on the package you select, we then write a narrative portrait of you and your life, typically between 25-30 pages.  This comes to you — adorned with photos and other memorabilia — in a beautifully published hard-cover book.

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My life has been ordinary.

So why do I need a jewishlifestory?  Every life has outstanding moments lived, critical decisions made, major transitions experienced, and relationships relished — as well as the mundane pulp which gives flesh to our day-to-day.  Together, they create the manual for living that you bequeath to your children and grandchildren.  A manual that they want, need, and deserve — and which is essential to the transmission of our values and our tradition.  Jewishlifestory also provides an ideal forum for life review and planning for the future.

Why hire jewishlifestory to record and write my life story?  “Can’t I do this myself?”

Certainly, you can.  Consider the following, however.  We are experts at asking the right questions and drawing out your stories.  We will set you at ease, listen assiduously to all of your responses, and then transfer them to the written word in your authentic voice  — in a way that only those experienced in the field of personal history can.  We will keep you on track and get the project done in a professional and timely fashion.

Do I have to travel to get to the interviews?

No.  We interview you in the comfort of your home, whether in person or remotely (via phone, skype, and other technologies — with full capability for audio and video (more limited) recording).

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